History begin

After the pandemic of Covid-19 and worldwide instability, we realize that the shift of investment capital is gradually concentrated in Southeast Asia and Vietnam, and the demand of investors when the safety and stability factors of investment opportunities are prioritized. In 2021, The birth of SB Invest is a complete picture in providing consulting services for development, implementation, project implementation & investment promotion.


Consulting on investment, development,
and implementation of Real Estate projects

Real estate is the core business of SB INVEST, across all segments such as: Urban real estate, industrial real estate, resort real estate, energy real estate, agricultural real estate, high-tech industry, high quality educational medical real estate, …

Searching, consulting, buying, and
selling M&A real estate projects

We provide M&A consulting services for Buyers or Sellers throughout the transaction process and after the transaction. Strengths in our consulting services include: Increasing project value, accessibility to domestic and international investors, and negotiating transaction terms.

Trade and investment promotion
in Vietnam with foreign partners

Consulting and supporting domestic and international businesses to find and promote cooperation opportunities, providing all investment consulting services in Vietnam.


Excutive board

Mr. Hieu Nguyen Sy Business Manager Singapore and America Market
Mr. Manoj Menon Business Manager Southeast Asia Market
Mr. Yoon Kyu Hee Business Manager Korean Market

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