History begin

We are built based on the foundation of SB Law and S&B IP‘s many successes in investment consulting and intellectual property for domestic and international partners. Especially from 2012 to 2021, SB Law was honored to have achieved many prestigious awards such as IFRL1000 (the Guide to the World’s Leading Financial Law Firms), assessed and nominated as a law firm with achievements and in-depth experience in the field of financial consulting. The Legal 500 ranks highly in banking, finance, and intellectual property. After the pandemic of Covid-19 and worldwide instability, we realize that the shift of investment capital is gradually concentrated in Southeast Asia and Vietnam, and the demand of investors when the safety and stability factors of investment opportunities are prioritized. In 2021, The birth of SB Invest is a complete picture in providing consulting services for development, implementation, project implementation & investment promotion.

Organizational chart

With the purpose of specializing in the company’s departments, SB Invest is built according to the organizational chart by function, in which the operational orientations are set forth by the Board of Directors and coordinated by the General Director to 3 Deputy General Directors in charge of fields. From there, the policies will be implemented in detail by the departments under the Deputy General Directors depending on the expertise of each department.

Leadership apparatus

Executive Board

Message of the General Director


SB Invest is oriented to become the leading consultancy in implementing real estate projects & promoting foreign investment in Vietnam.


For partners: Share experience and knowledge to jointly exploit investment opportunities in potential but under-exploited real estate projects. Changing the investment environment, improving project quality, and optimizing profits.
Internally: The company is a football team with all members having the same goal of striving for victory. Success is sharing and accompanying a common development goal.

Community Responsibility

Through a series of activities to support education, the environment, and charity every year, we want to affirm our sense of responsibility with community vision and strive to become a business expected by society, contributing to the development of prosperity of the country.